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The Foundation Phase is where fundamentals, basic skills, healthy attitudes and social skills are first developed in the formal atmosphere of school. It is the place where children learn to build trust with people other than their families. The staff is dedicated to creating a safe, friendly, caring environment dedicated to learning and growth where learners can best reach their potential. The Foundation Phase aim to educate, identify needs, build strengths, remediate problems and provide opportunities for the learner to set goals, develop skills, knowledge values and attitudes needed for adult life.

DEPUTY PRINCIPAL : Lizette van Niekerk

HOD : Ruanda Sevenster

Educators in the Foundation Phase

Grade 1

Mrs E Simes

Me T Moloney

Me T Moran

Grade 2
Mrs A Ward

Mrs E Swart
Mej K Bezuidenhout

Grade 3
Mrs AC van Heerden
Mrs L Du Preez
Mrs M Diesel

  • Parents:

Parents are the prime educators whose responsibility it is to ensure the holistic learning and growth of their children. They are valued members of the team of educators dedicated to the development of their children. They are responsible for the care and nurturing, supervision, support, safety and security. They are the vital link between the learner, the class and the school environment. Parents are encouraged to participate in team discussions, homework monitoring, Paired Reading and information evenings. Homework diaries are used daily as a link between home and school.
  • Teachers:

Teachers are educators, facilitators and mediators in the classroom environment. They are professional, dedicated and loving. They strive to create a stimulating, invitational environment where learners can grow, overcoming obstacles together. Foundation Phase staff provide learner support in an informed and pertinent manner.


In addition to small group therapy where problem areas are addressed the Occupational Therapists work with groups in building gross and fine motor skills.
The Speech-Language Therapist addresses specific problem areas pertaining to language and listening skills in small groups (2-3 learners). The therapists also work with classes in whole language development and associated skills. Audiology facilities are available on site. Hearing screenings are annually administered for all the learners in the Foundation Phase.
The Psychology staff members play a vital role in the team. When working with learners the psychologist (or school counsellor) focuses on life skills, social skills or emotional well-being. Our learners have specific learning disabilities as the primary problem areas. Emotional problems may be evident but are secondary problems and are handled accordingly. Short term therapy is provided in critical situations.

Each classroom has a walk-in storeroom and 12 lockers. The number of learners varies from class to class, with a maximum of 20 learners per class. Rooms with high windows on opposite sides of the room to ensure the limiting of external distractions. The classrooms are carpeted to minimise noise and are heated in the winter. Ceilings are made from acoustic boards to reduce sound reverberation.

  • Basic Maths kit ? consisting of logic blocks, clocks, calculator, capacity measures, idem, mathematical dice, memory game, number rings, garden of number, arithmetrix abacus.
  • Gross Motor ? peg boards, threading blocks, beads, laces, slate boards, lacing cards, pick-?n-pick, crazy daisy, tricky fingers.
  • Perceptual ? puzzles, Audiblox, building blocks, which way please, card games, hardboard feet figures of hands, constructa, arrow cards.
  • Sensory ? paint, play dough, texture games, color games, plasterane.
  • Cognitive Development ? brainy blocks, aba cards, memo-spell, let me think, tic-tac-toe.
Language of Instruction
Both English and Afrikaans.

Playground Facilities
  • Quiet Zone - a pleasant, sheltered grassy area is set aside for learners who want to play board games, or sit and talk quietly together.
  • Active Zone - where ball games, team games, running, skipping and jumping games can be played.
  • Paved Areas - two paved areas for lining up and ball games.
  • Shade - shading nets cover paved areas, 2 big trees shade the sandpit area.
  • Project "paint a game" - on paved areas, which can be used in all learning areas.
  • Sandpit.
Outings and Visits
  • The school is situated near to main routes. Outings to the zoo, museums, farms, shopping centers are arranged for different grades.
  • Puppet shows or visits by Community Services are held through the school year.