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Invitational Education forms a framework within which all educational activities take place in the school.

  • It is a specific set of values that form a specific way to interact with others.
  • It is a theory that emphasizes human goodness to achieve learning.
  • A model that emphasizes respect and dignity in all people of all social classes, cultures and backgrounds.
Invitational Education is based on four assumptions:

  1. All people are able, valuable and responsible and should be treated that way.
  2. Education should involve all role players:
    • Learners
    • Parents
    • Teachers
    • Community
  3. All people have untapped potential that is waiting to be discovered.
  4. Human potential can be realized by:
    • Places
    • Programs
    • Policies and
    • Procedures that invite development by:
    • People who are intentionally inviting to themselves and others.

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