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The Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement


The Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) is not a  new curriculum, but an amendment to the NATIONAL CURRICULUM STATEMENT Grades R - 12 Subject Statements. It therefore still follows the requirements of the same process and procedure as the National Curriculum Statement Grades R - 12 (2002).


The CAPS is an adjustment to what we teach (curriculum) and not how we teach (teaching methods). There is mjcndebate and discussion about outcomes based education (OBE) being removed, however, OBE is a method of teaching not a curriculum. It is the curriculum that has changed and NOT THE TEACHING METHOD. The way the curriculum is written is now in content format rather than outcomes format so it is more prone to traditional teaching methods rather than OBE methods.


The diagram below shows the develoment in the system over the past number of years. In terms of the methods and assessment, the diagram reflects what is being aimed for rather than what has been achieved



According to the Department of Basic Education (14 June 2011), there were four main concerns of NCS which pushed for the change:

  1. Complaints about the implementation of Basic Education of the NCS
  2. Overburdening of teachers with administration
  3. Different interpretations of the curriculum requirements
  4. Underperformance of learners
2012:       The Foundation Phase (Grades R - 3) and Grade 10 (FET) will be implemented  in January 2012
2013: The Intermediate Phase (Grades 4 - 6) and Grade 11 (FET) will be implemented in January 2013
2014: The Senior Phase (Grades 7-9) and Grade 12 (FET) will be implemented in January 2014.

  • Officials (including all curriculum advisors) will be receiving training on CAPS
  • Implementation and use of workbooks 'training' for foundation phase teachers
  • Teacher orientation and training (varies according to provinces)
  • Textbook preparation and procurement (national list)
  • Instructional Time increased in Foundation Phase
  • First Additional Language added to Foundation Phase (one language must be the LoLT)
  • Intermediate Phase 8 learning areas changed to 6 subjects.
  • All Grades will use a 7 point scale
  • Outcomes and Assessment standards removed.