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1.Paired Reading

The Foundation Phase has Paired Reading as part of their reading scheme. This home-based project is managed by a coordinator and team of monitors. Parents are also involved on a voluntary basis to manage the lending library, colour-coding the books and maintaining them. They encourage and support the learners too. Parents and learners are trained in this simple, meaningful, speedy, motivational demonstrational home program that empowers the learner to make choices, and monitor his own progress and to learn by doing so in a supportive partnership. One period per week per class is set aside to exchange books from this lending library. Once the learners have been launched and have had 6 weeks of interactive monitoring, the class teacher monitors progress via record sheets.


Class music is conducted for 1 hour per week giving the learners the chance to integrate rhythm with their gross-motor skills, appreciation of music as well as singing.

3.Computer Training

Once a week all pupils are afforded the opportunity of working on a computer under the guidance of a teacher who specializes in computer training. In the Foundation Phase the learners have the opportunity to learn basic computer skills while they are developing their emerging literacy. Many learners in this phase have access to computers at home. At school they use the computer as a tool to help to develop their spatial and co-ordination skills. Many of the exercises encourage the development of vocabulary and language structure.